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Brain Injury

Brain Injury Services


Acquired Brain Injury or ABI, refers to all non-congenital/non-developmental/non-degenerative injuries to the brain that result in sensory, physical, cognitive or behavioral problems. The most common types of ABI addressed at WWRC are traumatic brain injury, stroke, anoxic injury, brain tumor/cancer, and a smaller number of clients with histories of infectious disease or other etiologies. WWRC provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation services for individuals referred through any of the state-wide offices of the Department of Rehabilitative Services who have sustained acquired brain injury who demonstrate rehabilitative and vocational potential. Individualized service plans are developed that reflect findings and recommendations of initial neuropsychological and physical medicine evaluations. The Brain Injury Clinic is a one-day outpatient service consisting of neuropsychological and physical medicine evaluations.

Services Provided

WWRC provides medical rehabilitation services (e.g., neuropsychological and physical medicine evaluation, as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/cognitive therapy, and psychological support for clients with ABI across the time spectrum of recovery), to promote functional independence and enhanced opportunities for employment.

WWRC Medical Rehabilitation Division staff work collaboratively to evaluate and treat clients with ABI. This group forms a client’s “brain injury team” to develop an individualized program of services (available services listed below). Each client’s rehabilitation program is customized to the status and needs of the client at the specific point along the recovery continuum when the client is seen for services. This program may include participation in vocational feasibility interviews or full vocational evaluations to begin planning the path toward employment goals.

Medical Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury

Contact Information

Email Brain Injury Services (BrainInjuryInfo@wwrc.virginia.gov) or Brain Injury Clinic (BrainInjuryClinicInfo@wwrc.virginia.gov)
Phone 800-345-9972, Ext.5403327044 or 540-332-7044
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