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Vocational Evaluation Services


Vocational Evaluation is an educational process in which a client obtains greater self and work knowledge through participation in work activities designed to evaluate vocational skills, interests, and abilities. Clients learn about the functional impact of their disability in relation to their career options. They also learn about assistive technology and the devices and accommodations needed to remove barriers to employment. The evaluation process encourages personal involvement in career planning and development and empowers clients by increasing their self-confidence in career decision making.

Specific work samples can be designed to focus on specific vocational objectives. Currently WWRC’s Vocational Evaluation Program offers 23 occupational cluster areas for exploration.  Please review the checklist below.

Admission Requirements

Meet WWRC Admissions Criteria.

Contact Information

Email: Vocational Evaluation

Phone: 800-345-9972, Ext. 540-332-7345 | TTY 800-811-7893

Vocational Evaluation Service Options

Feasibility Interviews

Program Length:  One-half a day
Location:  WWRC, Vocational Evaluation Department.
This interview determines a client’s current level of readiness to participate in and benefit from a structured vocational rehabilitation service program. This service could be an effective starting point when the sponsor is uncertain of a client’s vocational readiness.

Fast Track Evaluations

Program Length:  One day
Location:  Select locations in Rockingham and Augusta Counties
This evaluation is designed for clients who have some work history and a minimum sixth grade reading level. A variety of assessments tools are used to determine vocational potential and identify employment options.

Skills Assessment Evaluations

Program Length:  One to three consecutive days.  
Location:  WWRC, Vocational Evaluation Department.  Clients reside in a WWRC campus dormitory.
This evaluation is designed for clients who need additional support during the vocational work activity/sample evaluations due to either severity or a combination of physical cognitive, emotional, academic, or other functional barriers. Evaluation tools are used to reveal a client’s strengths, assets, deficits, weaknesses, and life skills.  Evaluators determine the specific work tasks clients are able to achieve and use this information to assist them in planning gainful employment options. Accommodations or modifications may be extensively integrated into the assessment process to assess a client’s full potential.

Career Assessment Evaluations

Program Length:  One to four consecutive days.  
Location:  WWRC, Vocational Evaluation Department.  Clients reside in a WWRC campus dormitory.
This comprehensive evaluation uses hands-on experiences and career exploration in a variety of work areas. Primary assessment components of each work area include. 

  • work behavior/social skills,
  • work performance/abilities,
  • strengths relative to employment outcomes,
  • barriers to employment, and
  • accommodation needs. 

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