Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
Fishersville, VA 22939

Vocational Training Services

Education and Workforce Support Services

Education and Workforce Support Services provides instruction, support, and assessment services to WWRC students to enhance employability, vocational training program success based upon the student’s selected career pathway, independence in their community, and the skill foundations to become a life-long learner. Services include:

Academic Support and Assessment Services

  • One-to-one academic evaluations in collaboration with the Vocational Evaluation Department for the purposes of Vocational Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Group academic assessments using the Test of Adult Basic Education for students in the Life Skills Transition Program and Vocational Training Services to determine academic strengths and weaknesses to facilitate appropriate instruction and accommodations.
  • Group Academic Support classes (small groups of 6-12 students) for Vocational Training students to facilitate trade related academic growth and facilitate lifelong learning, based upon selected career pathway.
  • Group study skills and test taking skills instruction.
  • Tutoring (small group of 1-3 students) a more intensive instructional program to assist students who have demonstrated trade related academic weaknesses which result in a documented risk of the student not being successful in their training area.
  • IEP oversight and monitoring to assure compliance with Special Education Law and Policies according to the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Ability to Benefit testing
  • Media Center Services

Credentialing Assessment and Support Services

  • GED instructional classes.
  • Pre-GED assessments and GED testing.
  • Career Readiness Certification (CRC) assessment and instructional classes are utilized to assess workplace problem-solving skills with test preparation as indicated for WorkKeys testing to attain a CRC.
  • WorkKeys testing
  • A+ Study Skills Groups for Computer Support and Repair students
  • A+ Testing
  • Customer Service instruction/certification testing through National Seminars
  • Manufacturing Specialist (MS) Certification examination
  • Manufacturing Technician (MT1) Certification examination
  • Learner’s Permit support classes for select vocational training students
  • OSHA 10 Certification

Job Seeking and Keeping Skills

  • Essential skills classes
  • Provides instruction on applying for a job, developing a resume (skills checklist), and job interview skills.
  • Assists students in developing employment portfolio
  • Assists students with completion of job applications as needed
  • Provide assistance in registering with the Virginia Employment Commission as needed
  • On the job work experiences through the Student Internship Program (SIP)