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Vocational Training Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is based on the WorkKeys® System designed by American College Testing (ACT) to help predict job behavior and to measure the full potential of individuals. Virginia's CRC is an assessment-based credential that is designed to help describe the abilities of a potential or current employee in three important work-related areas:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Reading for information
  • Locating information

Virginia's Career Readiness Certificate can help:

  • Certify employment skills across multiple industries and companies.
  • Demonstrate specific skills to an employer. It illustrates the basic workplace skills most jobs require and can link to advancing employees' careers.
  • Transition from one industry to another by showing how your current skills can be used in new fields.
  • Enter college if a job seeker or employee has not already begun their post-secondary education.
  • Assist an employee to move up the career ladder into supervision and then onto management in many industry areas.

Vocational Training Services through the Career Readiness Lab will award this certificate after an individual completes a standardized test and meets one of three levels based on performance:

  • Bronze signifies that a recipient possesses skills for approximately 30% of jobs.
  • Silver signifies that a recipient possesses skills for approximately 65% of jobs.
  • Gold signifies that a recipient possesses skills for approximately 90% of jobs.

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