Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
Fishersville, VA 22939

WWRC Director’s Welcome

A Message from Rick Sizemore

WWRC Director Rick SizemoreWelcome!  It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center’s (WWRC) web site. We hope you will find the information about the various programs and services we offer at WWRC to be helpful. The Center provides vocational training and medical interventions for people with disabilities to assist them in obtaining employment and to live more independently. In the more than two decades that I have been a part of the staff at the Center, I have been blessed to witness many extraordinary stories of our clients. In many instances, clients overcome significant obstacles and go on to achieve astounding accomplishments in their personal and professional lives. WWRC exists to provide the skills and supports necessary to enable these people to accomplish greater independence and achieve competitive employment.

For 60 years, WWRC has been making a difference in people’s lives. We enjoy a strong heritage of service to people with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia dating back to 1947 when our first clients were admitted. Since that time the Center has served more than 70,000 clients.

The Center is very closely connected to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and most notably its Division of Rehabilitative Services (DRS). The partnership between WWRC and DRS places the highest priority on helping clients develop, pursue and complete a "Roadmap for Success". Ultimately, the Center and DRS view themselves as integral components of the Agency’s approach to teamwork with a focus on clients’ successes. Along with our Agency partners and through involving people with disabilities, community agencies and related programs, the Center provides opportunities for a brighter, more productive, higher quality of life. The Center assists people with disabilities as they transition to higher levels of productivity and independence.

We have four major focus or specialty areas in which we strive to excel. These include services for

  • YOUTH IN TRANSITION, which involve a wide array of offerings for youth who are in transition from secondary school to higher education, employment and independent living;
  • NEURO-REHABILITATION SERVICES for persons with neurotrauma, especially spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, transition to higher levels of functioning in living, working and relationships;
  • ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES to provide assistive technology support services to aid persons with disabilities transition thru the application of state of the art advances in scientific development in areas such as mobility, sensory awareness and communication; and finally,
  • COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT SERVICES, which provide a roadmap for individual medical and vocational service needs in support of optimal independence and employment outcomes.

What makes WWRC a comprehensive rehabilitation center is the mix of the services and programs that it offers to people with disabilities. It is through the unique combination of vocational, medical, psychological, residential, and recreational programs and services and the interaction between the staff and the client that makes WWRC comprehensive. The total combination is greater than the sum of its parts and the mutual creativity, energy and accomplishments through working together are unsurpassed.

Is WWRC right for you or your family member? I invite you to find out by exploring this web site, talking with a DARS Field Rehabilitation Counselor or contacting us for a visit and tour. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon at WWRC!