Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
Fishersville, VA 22939

Vocational Training Services

Rehabilitation Counseling

Clients enrolled in a program of services at WWRC are assigned a Rehabilitation Counselor to provide guidance and counseling during their program. The role of the Rehabilitation Counselor is to help the client navigate through the services at WWRC.

Rehabilitation Counselors assist clients in effectively planning, accessing, and managing their services to provide the best possible opportunity for them to achieve their goals and to learn and demonstrate advocacy skills. The Rehabilitation Counselor is the leader of a client’s inter-disciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals who assist clients in:

  • transitioning efficiently into WWRC,
  • adjusting to their disability,
  • accessing all services needed in a timely and sequential manner, and
  • transitioning back to their home community upon completion of their program with the desired outcome of vocational employment.

Rehabilitation Counseling Services:

  • Meet with clients for intake and orientation
  • Provide individualized client program planning
  • Manage inter-disciplinary rehabilitation team
  • Provide guidance and counseling services
  • Coordinate and monitor clients’ rehabilitation programs
  • Coordinate ancillary services, such as OT, PT Speech, and Behavioral Services, to enhance employment outcome
  • Oversee clients’ transition and discharge planning
  • Review assistive technology needs to enhance clients’ program which may include accommodations for communication devices, computer access needs and more
  • Schedule individualized academics, independent living and driver’s education classes as requested
  • Promote clients’ self-advocacy
  • Communicate with DARS Rehabilitation Counselors, families and professionals
  • Provide services that are client driven

Contact Information

Email Rehabilitation Counseling (RehabCounselingInfo@wwrc.virginia.gov)
Phone 800-345-9972, Ext. 5403327482 or 540-332-7482
TTY 800-811-7893