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Brain Injury

Neuropsychology Services


Clients with histories of acquired brain injury are eligible for neuropsychological evaluation services at the WWRC.  Case consultation is readily available and referrals may be made by contacting us.

The neuropsychological evaluation involves testing that is sensitive to problems in brain functioning. Unlike CT or MRI scans, which show what the structure of the brain looks like, neuropsychological testing examines how well the brain is working when it performs certain functions (for example, remembering information).

Results of a neuropsychological evaluation may be of help in the following ways:

  • finding possible problems in brain functioning,
  • forming a diagnosis,
  • defining a person’s cognitive and behavioral strengths and weaknesses,
  • guiding treatment and rehabilitation for personal, educational or vocational needs,
  • making relevant recommendations to other health care provider(s), and/or
  • documenting possible changes in cognitive or behavioral functioning over time.

Who May Benefit from Neuropsychology Evaluation?

  • Clients who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor or other injury to the brain, for whom a neuropsychological evaluation has never previously been conducted.
  • Clients with a documented history of acquired brain injury for whom a neuropsychological evaluation might have been conducted within the first year following their injury, but for whom no subsequent evaluation was performed.  These clients would be candidates for a neuropsychological re-evaluation
    • if at least one year has passed since the first evaluation occurred and
    • problems in thinking or behavior brought about by the injury have persisted.
  • Clients with developmental disabilities tied to neurological dysfunction, such as perinatal stroke or cerebral palsy,
    • who are presently into adulthood and are continuing to show cognitive or behavioral difficulties, and
    • for whom prior neuropsychological evaluations, if done, were completed prior to 17 years of age. 

Contact Information

Email Neuropsychology Services (NeuropsychologyInfo@wwrc.virginia.gov)
Phone 800-345-9972, Ext.7044 or 540-332-7044
TTY 800-811-7893