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Vocational Training Services

Materials Handling Training Area

The Wilson Workforce Center for Employment’s Materials Handling training area involves general stocking in the Stock Clerk vocational objective.  Forklift operator training can also be pursued in conjunction with stock clerk training or another training program offered through Vocational Training Services.

Admission Qualifications:

  • Meet WWRC admission criteria
  • Be able to read simple information including detailed reports and forms such as invoices, purchase orders, inventory sheets, receiving logs and sales tickets
  • Be able to follow simple written or oral instructions of one to four steps
  • Be able to count up to 100 and perform simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication of whole numbers and decimals up to three digit numbers with the use of a calculator
  • Be able to lift between 25 to 50 pounds on an occasional basis
Stock Clerk
O*NET Code 43-5081.03

Download the Vocational Skills Record for Stock Clerk

Program Length:  675 hours, typically 108 training days or 5.4 months
Employment Options:
Grocery or department stores, other retail stores, warehouses, etc.  Job titles may include Materials Merchandiser, Sales Associate, Lumberyard Worker, Produce or Frozen Foods Clerk, Parts Clerk, and Warehouse Worker.

Forklift Operator
O*NET Code 53-7051.00

Download the Vocational Skills Record for Forklift Operator

Admission Prerequisite:
.            Due to safety concerns regarding operating a forklift, the prospective client must have one of the following (in addition to the qualifications for Stock Clerk):

  • Recommendation from the WWRC Vocational Evaluation department (assessment of academic development, problem solving, mechanical reasoning and physical skills, etc.)
  • Current and valid Virginia driver’s license
  • Current and valid Virginia learner's permit

Program Length:  54 hours, typically 9 training days or .5 month (to allow hands-on training)
Employment Options:
Warehouses, distribution centers, lumber yards, etc. 

More Information

For more, please see the Vocational Training Policies and Procedures.

Contact Information

Email Vocational Training (VocationalTrainingInfo@wwrc.virginia.gov)
Phone 800-345-9972, Ext. 7383 or 540-332-7383
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