Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
Fishersville, VA 22939

Vocational Training Services

Client Grievance Procedures

Clients are encouraged to discuss any unresolved issues or concerns with their assigned Rehabilitation Team. However, a more formal appeal can be made, verbally or in writing, to the supervisor of the person with whom a client has a disagreement. The supervisor will consider all the details and make a decision. If the client does not agree with the supervisor’s decision, another formal administrative review is available. Clients should contact their Rehabilitation Counselor for more information about the appeals process.

Beginning with orientation and throughout their stay, clients are also informed of the formal Client Assistance Program through the disAbility Law Center of Virginia (dLCV).  Clients have a right to appeal a decision through established DRS Policies and Procedures, including a Fair Hearing Process.

If the issue is not settled at a local level and/or at any stage of the appeals process, clients will be provided the mailing address and contact information for the Council on Occupational Education, an independent postsecondary accreditation body.

Address Council on Occupational Education (COE)
7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone 800-917-2081 (Toll Free) or 770-396-3898
FAX 770-396-3790

Clients who receive Durable Medical Equipment (DME) at WWRC and are unable to resolve a complaint may contact the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc.

Address Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc.
4700 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 280
Raleigh, NC . 27609
Email customerservice @ achc.org
Phone 919-785-1214

Contact Information

Email Residential Services (ResidentialServicesInfo@wwrc.virginia.gov)
Phone 800-345-9972, Ext. 5403327443 or 540-332-7443
TTY 800-811-7893