Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
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Gait and Balance Training


Safe Gait 360o Balance & Mobility Trainer ™ is an over-ground dynamic body weight support (BWS) and fall prevention system located along the length of the PT gym. WWRC PT staff is using this technology to safely challenge our clients who have difficulty with gait or balance while removing risk for falls during these activities.

This device is used to provide a safe means of treating gait and balance impairments in individuals after injury or illness. The design incorporates a constant fall arrest feature that allows physical therapists to work with patients up to 350# of various abilities to practice intensive gait and balance activities without the fear of falling. By altering the amount of body-weight support the complexity of the gait, balance or transfer task can be adjusted. This flexibility will allow clients of differing abilities to practice walking, perform balance tasks, sit-to-stand and floor-to-stand maneuvers, or stairs in a safe and controlled environment. They can also safely experience balance losses to develop the skill to correct their position to avoid falls.

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