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Vocational Training Services

External Training Option

The External Training Option (ETO) provides the opportunity to develop vocational skills and knowledge that help qualified individuals become proficient and self-confident in their chosen program.  Clients receive training at businesses in the local area or statewide in their home community.  The ETO enables clients to take advantage of the many excellent ancillary services available at the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center while pursuing their training program.

The External Training Option provides:

  • Certificate of Attainment
  • Employment reference
  • Instruction in resume building and the interview process
  • Oversight by ETO staff members
  • Program monitoring and assessment
  • Educational support services

Clients may choose from over 100 different occupational programs between four and six months in length.  In coordination with ETO staff, carefully selected businesses provide instruction in a specific vocational objective. To participate in statewide ETO, clients must have adequate transportation and housing.

When clients participate in ETO, an ETO staff member will create a competency-based curriculum and closely monitor the training program.  The resulting Vocational Skills Record details the training tasks required for entry-level employment in a specific vocational objective.

Training Area Qualifications:

  • Meet WWRC admission criteria
  • Demonstrate maturity, a positive attitude and appropriate interpersonal skills
  • Eligible for services through WWRC, per established criteria
  • Vocational evaluation recommending requested training objective or pertinent experience documentation
  • Meet prerequisites for specific training program (if applicable)

Sample ETO Training Programs:

  • Building Maintenance and Repairs
  • Child Care Worker
  • Groundskeeping Assistant
  • Heat/Air Conditioning Assistant
  • Medical Billing Clerk
  • Motorcycle Assembler/Repairer
  • Physical Therapy Aide

More Information

For more, please see the Vocational Training Policies and Procedures.

Contact Information

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Phone 800-345-9972, Ext. 7383 or 540-332-7383
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