Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
Fishersville, VA 22939

About WWRC

Centers of Excellence

The Wilson Workforce Rehab Center’s (WWRC) establishment of “Centers of Excellence” is an exemplary service delivery program that has distinguished itself as a niche market for the Center.  It promotes innovative service to clients, learning practices and research that establish it as a leader in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  Because of WWRC’s strategic location, marketing position, and the absence of similar programs within the region, the Center is uniquely positioned to be a leader in

  1. conducting nationally-recognized research and forging partnerships to serve vocational rehabilitation needs of the region,
  2. helping to shape related public policies through consumer/stakeholder advocacy, and
  3. enriching the practice of professionals in the discipline. 

A program designated as a “Center of Excellence” is positioned to spearhead WWRC’s efforts to become A Community of Service Excellence in Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities.

WWRC operates four Centers of Excellence: 

  1. Youth in Transition
  2. Neuro-Rehabilitation
  3. Assistive Technology
  4. Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment

The Annual Blueprint for Direction focuses on these four “Centers of Excellence.”. The Blueprint is currently being published and will be posted to the WWRC web site in July 2011.

Youth in Transition

Purpose is to continually and actively identify, evaluate and implement relevant programming as a bests practice to address contemporary issues and trends in serving youth in transition. 


The purpose is to continually evaluate and advance our programming as science, technology and therapeutic interventions progress. This could enable higher levels of functional recovery for individuals with neurological disabilities such as spinal cord injury, stroke and brain injury.

Assitive Technology

The purpose is to offer state of the art evaluation, consultation and treatment programs for individuals who require assistive technology to live, work and go to school as independent as possible.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment Services

The purpose is to provide a roadmap for individual medical and vocational service needs in support of optimal independence and employment outcomes.